Error install kde global themes


every time I try to install any global themes in kde using the kde settings on fedora 35 I get this error . everything else would just file install in the Appearance setting

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Hi, may be you want to read this post from other user. Look like you have the same problem.


Most of users experience the same problem. Doesn’t matter you are on Kinoite or KDE Spin. The definite solution is you have to install the theme manually. Just download the necessary theme files and paste into these folders below: [user only - home folder]

Note: If you don’t see the folder name, you can create it.

Icons = /local/share/icons
Cursors = /local/share/icons
Auroraes = /local/share/aurorae
Konsole Themes = /local/share/konsole
Color Schemes = /local/share/color-schemes
Plasma Theme = /local/share/plasma/desktoptheme
Plasma Look and Feel Theme = /local/share/plasma/look-and-feel
Wallpapers = /local/share/wallpapers
GTK Themes = /local/share/themes
SDDM Themes = /local/share/sddm/themes
Kvantum Themes = ./config/kvantum

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