Sddm themeing or lack thereof

Currently installing a sddm theme is not possible as the theme must be installed to /usr/share/sddm/themes. One solution I’ve made is a program to repackage sddm themes as rpms. If this or another solution can be implemented in plasma itself it would be massively beneficial to all fedora kinoite as its broken functionality in plasma.

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Nice! Another option is to install the theme elsewhere and use the ThemeDir= config option: sddm/ at develop · sddm/sddm · GitHub.

Path of the directory containing theme files.
Default value is “@DATA_INSTALL_DIR@/themes”.

Assuming @DATA_INSTALL_DIR@ is a writeable location on Kinoite, I think if Discover was updated to install SDDM themes there, then it should work. Right now Discover does install the global theme Application Style, Plasma Style, and Colors. But the SDDM theme install fails because it is trying to write to the read only filesystem location. This is what I find as of Fedora-Kinoite-ostree-x86_64-Rawhide-20210825 2.

Like @nullrequest said, the default is /usr/share/sddm/themes which is read only on Kinoite, but you should be able to create another folder (/var/lib/sddm/themes?), set this option (ThemeDir=/var/lib/sddm/themes/) in your SDDM config (/etc/sddm.conf) and place your themes there.

No luck. I put ThemeDir=/var/lib/sddm/themes in /etc/sddm.conf, rebooted, and tried to install themes with both the Discover and System Settings installer. I get error dialog that it “Could not decompress the archive” after I put in the root user password. I also tried ThemeDir=/usr/local/sddm/themes. I did create the themes directory for both locations and set user/group to sddm user. Do these installers use the setting in the sddm.conf file?

sddmthemeinstaller application seems to only install to the default location. There are no command line arguments to change installation path. Discover and System Settings both use this app to install sddm themes. Maybe /usr/share/sddm/themes should be a symlink to a writeable directory?

Discover and other might not know about this settings indeed. This would be a good bug report upstream to make sddmthemeinstaller aware of it. Unfortunately /usr/share/sddm/themes can not be a symlink to a writable directory as it is the path where RPM packaged themes are installed. Another good option would be to ask for multiple directory support in upstream SDDM so that user and distro themes are not mixed inside a single directory.

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