EPEL request question

I tried to follow EPEL Package Request to make a request for a package that’s been in Fedora for quite some time. However, it doesn’t show up in the “components” list when I try to create a ticket there.

Following the instructions there to make a request to add it to Fedora doesn’t seem right, since it’s already in there. What can I do to get it added to that components list?

On another note, as it would help me a lot in $dayjob to have this included in EPEL, I would be able to put some time into building and maintaining it myself if necessary. If I decide to do that instead, should I just forgo the ticket and make a pull request myself on src.fedoraproject.org?

@carlwgeorge can you help @bkhl out here?

Although it doesn’t seem right, requesting the package in the Product:Fedora is the only way to request it. A package doesn’t show up in the Product:Fedora EPEL until there has been at least one branch made in epel.
When requesting the branch, make sure it is clear that you want it branched and built in EPEL.