Encoding JPG to AVIF

Hi, I am trying to convert a bunch of JPG files to AVIF format, because it is much smaller, for almost no quality loss. I used in the past the “avifenc” application, but I cannot find it anywhere for Fedora. Any idea ? Thx !
P.S. ImageMagick can do it, but the space compression is nil (same size)

no quality loss

It is not. avif by default, encodes in lossy mode.

Install libavif-tools

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Almost anything that reduces size from a jpg is virtually guaranteed to have loss in quality.

Do the transform, then compare the quality of the original jpg to the new format as you zoom in (200%, 400%, 600%, etc.) and you will see the differences very quickly.

yes, finally, it works ! Many thanks !
Yes, I understand there is always a decrease in “quality”, the question is how is it perceived by the human brain ? JPG is also lossy, and 8-bit only. Sure, I can see huge difference with my raw files. However, depending on the intended output media & resolution, the difference may be bearly perceptible by the observer (e.g. Facebook). I think it is the same with AVIF vs JPG : in some case, you may not be interested in high quality at low “zoom in” value. For example, I have many pictures of an inventory I absolutely need to keep for personal reasons, but I am ready to sacrifice on quality for this. Thx again !

How do you it with ImageMagick? Last time, I tried converting a png to avif it basically created a png file with .avif extension xD

Fedora uses legacy imagemagick. I think legacy imagemagick doesn’t support avif. Try using imagemagick 7, download the pre-compiled binary from imagemagick site.

I’ve imagemagick 7.1 from REMI’s rpm repo

Probably it was compiled without avif support during build time.