Enable Plymouth startup

How can i enable plymouth-start.service? It seems to be disabeld at the moment.


sudo systemctl enable plymouth-start.service

does not work:

[grischa@desktop-wg ~]$ sudo systemctl enable plymouth-start.service |fpaste
The unit files have no installation config (WantedBy=, RequiredBy=, Also=,
Alias= settings in the [Install] section, and DefaultInstance= for template
units). This means they are not meant to be enabled using systemctl.

Possible reasons for having this kind of units are:
• A unit may be statically enabled by being symlinked from another unit’s
.wants/ or .requires/ directory.
• A unit’s purpose may be to act as a helper for some other unit which has
a requirement dependency on it.
• A unit may be started when needed via activation (socket, path, timer,
D-Bus, udev, scripted systemctl call, …).
• In case of template units, the unit is meant to be enabled with some
instance name specified.
No text to send.

Where can i enable it?


If you do a “systemctl status plymouth-start.service” you’d see that it is a “static” service as listed in the “Possible reasons” output you’ve shown. Static services are not meant to be “enabled”. As stated, there is a symbolic link in sysinit.target.wants pointing to the service.

Try rpm -Va plymouth\* . This will check the integrity of your installation of all Plymouth packages against correct values. If you get any lines back, particularly one for plymouth-start.service with a “5” in the leading periods, run sudo dnf reinstall plymouth\* .

You may need to run sudo dracut -vf --regenerate-all afterwards. I don’t know if Plymouth is run from initramfs or not, but you have to do that after changing themes in Plymouth, so maybe.

Edit: The “*” is optional. It appears to be an issue with just the main package.

Edit 2: This all looks unnecessary. It doesn’t look like anything is wrong.


Alright, i thought i have only lines at bootup, because something with plymouth is wrong. Apparently thats not the case. Maybe someone have an other idea what is wrong?

Oh, if that’s the case, there does seem to be an issue. Ignore my edit and try what I initially said.

Also run plymouth-set-default-theme to see if you simply haven’t set one. The default was charge, but it was changed to bgrt in fedora 30.

Also check to see if you have “rhgb quiet” on your kernel command line.

Output of

dmesg | grep “Command line”
[ 0.000000] Command line: BOOT_IMAGE=/vmlinuz-5.0.9-301.fc30.x86_64 root=/dev/mapper/fedora-root ro rd.driver.blacklist=nouveau modprobe.blacklist=nouveau nvidia-drm.modeset=1

Output of:


Ah, the command line seems to be the issue.

Run grep "rhgb quiet" /etc/default/grub to check if it should be getting into grub’s config based on your settings. I’ll presume that you won’t get a result and in which case you should add “rhgb quiet” to the end of the “GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX” line in /etc/default/grub.

If you do get something from grep, run sudo grep "rhgb quiet" /boot/efi/EFI/fedora/grub.cfg.


So i edited the grub config. When i restart my pc it still does not show up at startup.

Could you please tell us:

1.- What would you like to archive? Change the plymouth theme?
2.- Fedora Magazine has a tutorial about it…
3.- Do you have noveau or NVIDIA Drivers?

This service is inactive not disable


Did you get anything from this? I’ll be honest and say that I’m running out of ideas.

This is what i get:

[grischa@desktop-wg ~]$ rpm -Va plymouth*
S.5…T. c /etc/plymouth/plymouthd.conf
.M… g /var/lib/plymouth/boot-duration

Is there a way to reset grub in whole? Maybe there is an issue with grub.

Did you run sudo grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/efi/EFI/fedora/grub.cfg? Grub.cfg is the file that matters, /etc/default/grub only tells grub2-mkconfig what to do.

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I get the same. I’m not sure what the 5 is doing with Plymouth’s.conf though, but it doesn’t seem to be an issue at all.

Oh i missed that :slight_smile: Thank you

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