Elections Voting is now Open!

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The voting period has now opened for the Fedora Linux 40 elections cycle. Please read the candidate interviews and cast your votes in our Elections App. Visit our Voting Guide to learn how our voting system works, and voting closes at 23:59:59 UTC on May 30th.

Fedora Mindshare Committee

Fedora Mindshare has one seat open. Below is the candidate that will be elected at the end of the voting period.

Fedora Council

The Fedora Council has two seats open. Below are the candidates eligible for election.

Fedora Engineering Steering Committee (FESCo)

The Fedora Engineering Steering Committee (FESCo) has four seats open. Below are the candidates eligible for election.

EPEL Steering Committee

The EPEL Steering Committee has four seats open. Below are the candidates eligible for election.


Seems like there are a couple issues with the voting setup.

  1. The badge claim links on all ballots go to the badge itself, not a URL for the user to claim the badge
  2. The FESCo ballot has a max range of 4, but it should be 6 since there are 6 candidates

The former can be trivially fixed, but the latter may not be fixable without re-starting the election. (It might be possible to change it, too, but I don’t know how that would effect the final tallies)


I can’t claim the voting badge, but already voted

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there is some bug shows none none

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I can change the max range to 6, my thought process for setting it at 4 was that there was only 4 open seats to vote for. It most likely won’t have a huge impact as I know some voters from the f39 cycle didn’t use the ‘range voting’ mechanism anyway. I can change, or leave it as is for a more ‘pure’ result.

Thanks for the fyi on the badges link, will sort that out asap.

The username is definitely a bug and I don’t know if it’s in the app itself or an issue with FAS. This is my view in the app itself. If anyone has any suggestions I’m all ears, and will open a ticket with infra in the meantime.

I might need to restart the EPEL election though because of the bug :frowning:

It’s due to Troy not having filled in first and last name in FAS as already pointed out on Matrix and the mailing list. Not sure if it will update, though, should he decide to fill it in now.

So this has been nothing short of chaos with the Elections this morning :frowning: Sincerest apologies everyone for the confusion. It appears:

  1. Generating a claim link for Fedora Badges is not working. @gui1ty has kindly opened a ticket for this issue try get it resolved Badges invitations are not sent · Issue #495 · fedora-infra/tahrir · GitHub
  2. There is a weirder issue at play with the EPEL candidates name not showing up in the Elections app. I have opened a ticket with Fedora infra to investigate, but I will be restarting the EPEL election voting so please do not vote in this election today Issue #11930: Election Candidate Name is not being displayed in Elections App - fedora-infrastructure - Pagure.io
  3. I have reached out to the candidates for the FESCo election to see whether they would prefer a restart for their election too with the range voting set to 6 as per the number of candidates, and not, as I incorrectly assumed, the number of open seats (which is 4). This is at their discretion to choose whether they are fine to proceed with the range set to 4, or if they would prefer a restart also and set to 6. If a restart is required, I will generate a new ballot box on the app and FESCo voting will go live with the EPEL restart, hopefully by tomorrow. The deadline for voting will be extended too.

This has been quite the Monday and I cant apologise enough for the confusion and thank you all enough for your patience while I try to resolve the issues.

Will keep you updated here and on the devel-list too.


That means a new claim link, assuming the issue with that is fixed in time, will need to be created. For all the links I created so far, I set the expiration date to May 31 00:05. That will need to be adjusted to whatever the new deadline will be.

But first we need working links… (there’s progress on that, it seems :crossed_fingers:)

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All the things should now be fixed! :tada:

After much troubleshooting and some wonderful folks working with me to help resolve the issues that littered the elections today, I am pleased to say all issues have been resolved, or at least I live in hope that they are! :crossed_fingers:

If you have voted in either or both FESCo and EPEL elections today, please recast your votes in the new ballot boxes as the previous ones are corrupted.

If you have voted in Council and/or Mindshare, and did not have a claim link for your badge, please revisit your vote as the link has been updated and you should be able to access it. If you can’t, email me directly and I will manually award this to you (I cant see who voted so I can’t do this without knowing who to send it to).

Voting will close at 23:59:59 UTC on 31st May 2024, an extra day has been added and the schedule will be updated accordingly.

Thank you again to @Sandro @Miro Hrončok @Michal Konecny @Aurelien Bompard & @Tomas Hrcka for your help, and to everyone for your patience and understanding while I sorted out the chaos that was this election voting opening day!

Please let me know if you find any other anomalies and after a short sob, I will fix them :slight_smile:

Kindest regards,



When I click the claim link after voting, I got the below error:

410 Gone
This resource is no longer available. No forwarding address is given.

That invitation is expired. 

@ersen, I think it’s sufficient to report the issue in one place. It doesn’t make people move faster if the same issue is reported over and over again. It’s rather the opposite, it slows things down.

Since I already left a reaction on the GitHub ticket, I won’t repeat myself here.

Can you link me to the GitHub ticket? I have the same problem (410).

It’s the same ticket mentioned earlier by Aoife: Elections Voting is now Open! - #7 by amoloney

We are working on a fix. Once that has been done, people will be informed in all appropriate channels.


Awesome! Thanks!

Are all of the links valid in the original Community Blog post? If so then we can start posting on social media. I would like to wait until then to make sure folks don’t bump into issues.

Thanks for your hard work on setting this up!

The link should be active again. It has not been replaced as previously suggested. Instead a very helpful and friendly admin helped us extend the lifetime of the original link.

Folks who were not able to claim their badge can still go back to the voting app and claim it now. If that fails, please e-mail Aoife directly and she will award it to you manually.

Instead of calling it human error, let’s call it Whit Monday interference…

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Yeah all links are good @Joseph Gayoso so feel free to use :slight_smile:

It was a total Whit Monday :smiley:

Aoife Moloney
Fedora Operations Architect


Today is the last day to vote in our F40 elections campaigns! Visit the Elections App to cast your votes in our ballot boxes before 23:59:59 UTC tonight.

Best of luck to all our candidates!

I tried to vote right now, it made me log in, it looks like I am logged in because in the upper right corner I get a menu to “log out,” but then when I try to click “Vote now,” it throws an error “You must sign the CLA to vote.”

Can someone please throw my votes in manually?

FESCo - Tom Stellard,
Council Eleciton - Adam Samalik,
EPEL - Carl George.

Please, it’s very important every vote is counted.