[Dual-boot]Error checking storage configuration

I have shrinked my disk with the windows disk management and created a partition using the third option in the installation process. But when I go back to the menu it gives me “Error checking storage configuration” . Now this is weird because I have installed both ubuntu and mint this way and I don’t think this should happen. Any help is appreciated.

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Is it possible that you have a partition table issue? Does Windows still work for you? Does Windows Disk Management still show the proper partition sizes?

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Yes. It does. Do you think it will work if I partition it using gparted on another linux distro?

Then it’s indeed strange. Maybe you could check the partition table from GParted. Make sure not to erase it though. :slight_smile:

There a lot of ways you can make an invalid setup with the advanced custom partitioning. The anaconda log will give details — look in /tmp.

Unless you have very specific needs, I recommend using the automatic partitioning — it will do the right thing with available space…