Dracut not adding resume module by default

I installed fedora 32 on my x1 carbon 7th gen today, as I was excited to hear it was going to officially support newer lenovo laptops, and wondered if everything would work out of the box.

Sound worked excellently, which was a pleasant surprise :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, hibernation + resume did not work for me. It would hibernate, but not resume - instead it would effectively reboot. This was disappointing, as I had gotten it to work before in arch, in a similar setup (encrypted lvm with data + swap).

Upon some more investigation (based a little on this: Fedora 29 - System restarts instead of resuming from hibernate (enc swap) - #3 by cynary), I managed to figure out that for some reason dracut is not adding the resume module. Manually generating a new image, manually forcing resume module to get added, made it work.

What is the best way to get this fixed in a way that won’t break next time I upgrade? I see /etc/dracut.conf, but I’d rather fix it in a way that the resume module gets added. The kernel commandline is the default generated line, and it has the resume= line. I assume it might have something to do with why it doesn’t show up in dracut --print-cmdline too, but I couldn’t figure out what’s happening there.