Download older packages for downgrade (rpmfusion-nonfree-updates)

The latest update to Nvidia driver akmod-nvidia-520.56.06-1 is causing flickering with my laptop display.

I have seen this issue also with OpenSUSE Tumbleweed & the official Nvidia driver installer. So I’m pretty sure it is an issue with the driver and not Fedora/Rpmfusion.

I want to downgrade and switch back to akmod-nvidia-515.76-1 but the packages are not in the repository anymore (rpmfusion-nonfree-updates).

Is there a location where I could still download akmod-nvidia-515.76-1 packages and it’s dependencies to perform a downgrade?

I do have a BTRFS snapshot to fall back to but would prefer to use dnf to downgrade the packages.


You should be able to get some packages from the build system:*nvidia*

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I found some packages there.

Koji shows the packages for xorg-x11-drv-nvidia*, nvidia-settings and nvidia-persistenced.
Unfortunately not akmod-nvidia and kmod-nvidia.

How about the nvidia*kmod packages? I think they generate the akmod-nvidia and kmod-nvidia packages. For example:


That’s it. Thanks!

I found the build for nvidia-kmod-515.76-1.fc36 with links to the rpm packages for akmod-nvidia-515.76-1.fc36 and kmod-nvidia-515.76-1.fc36.

I was searching Koji for akmod-nvidia and kmod-nvidia because the Rpmfusion Nvidia Howto mentions sudo dnf install akmod-nvidia and it is what my package list shows:

$ rpm -qa | grep '520.56.06' | sort

It just confused me that the “build” and “package name” in Koji is nvidia-kmod but produces the package kmod-nvidia.

Thanks a lot for the help.

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Yeh, koji lists packages by their source package name (used for the spec etc.), but a source package can produce different rpms as sub-packages, and even not generate a primary package. So this must be the case here. The spec/source package is nvidia-kmod, and it produces rpms akmod-nvidia/kmod-nvidia.

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