Does the Fedora ARMHFP image support SD cards > 16GB in size?

I can’t find any help, or even much documentation, on how to copy the filesystems and partitions onto a card greater than 16GB for the Raspberry Pi 3 model B.

The only info I can find is on the raspberrypi site specifically for their NOOBS system which, to my knowledge, does not support Fedora (or CentOS) images.

I have been trying for some time to image ANY SD card with the ARMFHP image of Fedora-Minimal-31 and Fedora-Server-31. The only cards that are successfully written regardless of the method are 16GB or less in size.

I am fairly certain the problem has to do with one of the following: the filesystem formats written to the card, the SDXC specification (SD cards < 32GB should be exFAT), the partition table format itself, and the rpi limitations (no XFS filesystem support for /boot).

Any suggestions, besides “don’t use cards bigger than 16GB”. (That’s not helpful in a world embracing embedded systems and an industry where 16GB SD card is now the normal, minimum size you usually find.)



Have you tried with:

I’m sure this how imaged the sd card, the last time I setup fedora on my PI, its been a while.

You will need to resize the root partition afterwards:

Thanks Tom.

“* A microSD Card (16 GB or larger).”

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