Does podman need sudo?



Hello. Maybe this is OT, I don’t know.
Does podman necessarily need to be invoked with sudo?
There are hopes in the future to use it also as unprivileged user?


I’m on silverblue and just earlier ran podman without sudo with no changes to group membership. :slight_smile: If you need to escalate privs or anything i’m sure that would be a different story

You do have to add --net=host which is a bit odd to need to do out of the box… But I read somewhere that is only an atomic issue.


On Silverblue (F29), without sudo, I get
could not get runtime: chown /home/user/.containers/storage/vfs: operation not permitted


On Silverblue F28, I get a different error

$ rpm -q podman
$ podman run --rm -it echo 'hello'
ERRO[0000] No subuid ranges found for user ""

I’ve always used sudo podman but the eventual goal of the project is to be able to run containers unprivileged.