Document Scanner for Windows?

This might be a really strange question to ask here but… does anyone know if Gnome’s nice and simple Document Scanner software can work on Windows (7)? Or XSane? Or something else?

I have always found scanning from network devices much easier with linux than with Windows. Some Windows users I know could really use a good scanning software, but I’m not familiar with any good options, especially nice FOSS options.

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The alternatives listed there don’t seem too functional, at least over the network. It appears that WIA and TWAIN, which is what most programs use, are for locally connected scanners. What are the requirements to get network functionality?

I tried NAPS and Scan2pdf but both seem only for local devices. I also tried SwingSane which mentions network support, but it failed to detect my device. When I specified the IP, the log showed connection refused at port 6566. It appears a SANE backend is required?

I’m not sure what is needed, but it’s very confusing and time consuming.