Docs repositories to consolidate

Following on from discussion about de-duplicating installation guide, I suggest consolidation of repos that contain duplicated, overlooked, and outdated pages.

  • Fedora Linux: GitLab (last review: April 2023) β†’ versioned, but content update by release is inadequate. No significant content improvement made. I think this repo needs to be replaced by release note. Total Pull request merged 7.
  • Fedora Workstation: Pagure (last review: April 2023). No significant content improvement made. Total Pull request merged 5.
  • Quick Docs: Pagure (last review: May 2023). Total Pull request merged 324. Regularly reviewed and maintained by a group of casual contributors and members.

Most viewed pages in Docs home page are in Quick Docs. (Source: Google Search Console data April 2023).