Docs meeting agenda: 2022-11-09

Here’s the agenda for the meeting 2022-11-09T18:30:00Z in #fedora-meeting-1:

  • Announcements
  • Action item followup
    • pboy to test run the new builder script on Mac
  • No tickets/MR flagged for the meeting on GitLab:
  • Updates on the new variant-oriented pages
  • Proposal on adding Vale linter (Overview - to the documentation writer workflow
  • Your topics here!

Thanks to DST magic, the meeting is actually 1 hour earlier. The time in the first post has been changed accordingly.
Unfortunately, I will not be able to chair this time.

I will try to step in.

Thanks to DST changing we were just three, hankuoffroad, zodbot, and me.

So we postponed everything to next week.

Would it be ok for everyone to move the meeting one hour later, so it ends up at the same time as before the DST change (2022-11-16T19:30:00Z)?

That’s perfectly OK for me (even better as now). We would have to reschedule our meeting to 19:30 UTC in Fedora Calendar.

A potential issue: If I remember correctly, Ben has the FPgM Office hour after us, probably 20:00 UTC. Unfortunately, I can’t find it in calendar. And I can’t find am overview of all meetings at a day, everything is per team.

Maybe, we have to find another channel.

In Summer with DST active that would be probably a bit late here in Continental Europe (local time 9:30 PM). But that’s a matter for next year.

I think there is room in #fedora-meeting-2 and #fedora-meeting at that time.

But I can see the FPgM Office hour was also moved an hour late, so I think we can stay on the same channel.

I’ll make the change on fedocal.

That works for me. Fedocal helps.

I test run vale for a few days in terminal among three types of usage

  • Run vale in Terminal – tested (I used readability, write-good and RedHat styles)
  • Install vale extension for your text editor/IDE
  • with a CI/CD workflow (git hook)

My first impressions are;

  • vale helps applying test for docs based on styles templates (yaml). You can create custom rules
  • it gives warnings, suggestions, and errors, which are ‘context-aware’
    passive voice
    repeating pattern - it’s a, and
    product name
    weasel word
    non-dictionary words
    cliches, and many more

Perceived benefits so far

  • Write and publish with consistency
  • Save time for MR review
  • Facilitate writers and reviewers

Let’s discuss