Docs meeting agenda: 2022-09-14

Here’s the agenda for the meeting 2022-09-14T18:30:00Z in #fedora-meeting-1

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    • pboy (and perhaps likeanushka) to develop a step-by-step plan for the re-formed product-oriented docs
    • pboy to submit the release note requirement proposal to FESCO
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We already started to discuss it last week but had no time to finish:
Suggest use of fkinit for obtaining kerberos ticket with 2fa (#9) · Issues · fedora / Fedora Docs / Community and Tools Documentation / Fedora Accounts Documentation · GitLab

The last of the “old” tickets → what do to with it. It’s a minor and non-critical issue that might be discussed at the end if we still have time left when the other topics are done.

Just for information:
Action item Fesco Ticket Release Notes: see #2868 Release Notes Improvement

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I would like to discuss / decide upon our intended solution for the current “Installation Guide”.
As I understand, @py0xc3 will create something like “x Steps to set up your Fedora Desktop”

So we would create a new Box “Fedora Desktop live media variants” with a description like “All about Fedora Workstation with Gnome Desktop and desktop alternatives” or something like that.

See the current proposal: Fedora Documentation :: Fedora Docs

In any case, we need to decide what to do with Workstation and its missing documentation. So far, no one from the WG has responded to our initiatives. So it remains with us.

I would prefer something like “Fedora Desktop live media something” in order not to create overlaps with the workspace of the workstation WG.

Not sure if that would confuse people.

However, the goal was to focus Workstation and just add information for widespread spins. Making another documentation for Workstation / separating it would be the opposite of the intended goal of unification for the different Workstation Docs we already have. Is the problem the fact that the page shall also contain sections about KDE? Does the workstation WG plan to create a dedicated Doc on its own? Maybe I misunderstood your argument in the other thread.

Of course that would make much of mine obsolete, so there would be no need to then do something different. Indeed, in this case I would suggest to get them onboard and check if the “outcome” could be tailored to also replace the other guide.

My guide was intended to fill the gap of reliable Workstation Docs. And to provide a Doc that is structured to not need related knowledge in advance but still fulfill technical needs. Would be happy to team up :slight_smile:

This belongs to the points I mentioned before. If we do something on our own, we have to focus on what we can maintain. But also question why there is no response.

In my understanding we don’t have any “Workstation Docs” at all. The current “Installation Guide” doesn’t count because outdated.

As far as I know they do not. But unfortunately, nobody of the WG provides a feedback. So I don’t know.

Not at all! You are our rescue to get anything done for Workstation, or Fedora Desktop variants, or whatever we name it.

which guide do you think of? I don’t know any guide.

I really appreciate that. But we have to find a name for the “box” on the landing page. Unfortunately, we are unable to coordinate with the Workstation WG at this time. They simply do not respond to us. But in case they do become active at some point in the future, we should avoid any overlap. Hence, my idea with “desktop-something”.

But I am completely open about it. Suggest a name and text for the box which fits your intention and your working goal.

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Ok, I think I somehow misunderstood you :smiley:

So one step back:

I understood your argument the way that you want to make my proposal to something separate from Workstation box. So one Workstation box plus my box. That was confusing me. So I thought someone is already working on something else.

Well. I had a good conversation with the Anaconda team. So when it comes to the install guide, I think there will be good collaboration. My approach at the moment is to directly go to the team working on the tool I am writing a Doc for. Had good experiences with that in other areas, too. I think in the current approach of “Fedora’s dynamics”, we are the “Workstation WG” when it comes to Docs. It is the same issue as with the release notes.

I didn’t question your intention :wink: No worries. I think we should have more German meetings to avoid loses in double translation :smiley:

When it comes to the Box, I think you are right that we have to think and talk about it. My starting point of thinking is “Workstation & KDE” or simply “Workstation” but with a sub that makes the other point. In the draft I currently use the sub description “This is a guide for Fedora Workstation that aims to also support users of widespread spins such as KDE”. Of course nothing of that is fixed yet.

There is at least one guide that is also distributed in a printed version, I think it was created in Brno. I think I also saw an online version of it but have no link atm.

Minutes and full logs are available.


  • We agree to start implementing the variant-oriented docs plan described here.


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