Docs meeting: 2022-07-27

Hi folks! I won’t be able to attend tomorrow’s Docs meeting. If someone wants to chair, I suggest figuring out where to fit folks into our new model and also the Internal Docs organization: GitLab workflow / process organization

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I think, we should try to run the meeting. We have so many topics to discuss and to decide, we shouldn’t skip a date. I could chair, yes, but probably better someone else? We have so many participants in our discussions …

Anyway, everyone should prepare to attend the meeting. If nobody else will give it a try to chair, I would step in as a “fallback”.

@bcotton: Are you testing us?

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I am not sure if I can be on time. But for the future: do we have a guide/manual for the cmd/syntax of the meeting/bot?

Another topic to add might be: Preparing the Docs meeting: Discussing how to integrate the HowTo

This is not about any specific HowTo implementation but about if we need some HowTo at all and how to put it in place so that people become passively made aware of it (the issue is elaborated in the thread).

But if the agenda is already full, this can be tackled in some of the next meetings.

No one else has stepped up to take on the chair so far. So I will try my luck at this and hope not to be alone with zodbot.


We probably won’t have enough time for the last or the last two topics, but maybe we’ll get through quickly.

and for more general zodbot commands:

Minutes and full logs are available on meet bot.


  • We confirmed the current members of docs-admin FAS group (@bcotton, @darknao, @pbokoc, @pboy ) as board. No one else stepped up to join the board.

  • The proposal for internal organization of the Docs team work was lively discussed and will be continued in the next meeting.

Action items

  • pboy to update the docs team page about the board

I’m not sure if I get the intention. Personally, I don’t have the expectation of joining the board because my contributions are currently limited to only a part of Docs. But if it is explicitly wished by the existing board members to increase the board to share work and responsibility, I would have no problem with entering into that commitment. Just to be sure that we are on the same page.

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Sorry for my really late answer. We had a server transition here, and I got too busy with that.

I have / had no specific intention. I just wanted to make sure that we don’t exclude anyone or overlook someone who would like to get involved and spend some work.