Do you have any experience with Tuxedo laptops?

Hello friends

Through Twitter I arrived and read this post: TUXEDO InfinityBook Pro 16 Review: The Best Linux Laptop You Can Get (If You can Afford it)

Now, I am thinking in buy a new laptop manufactured by Asus, but on Amazon it is always available with Windows.
Therefore to avoid pay the license unnecessarily, I am considering this option too. Therefore:

Do you have some experience with Tuxedo laptops?

Thanks in advance

Note: I have an ASUS since years ago, and zero problems … just being curious if this option would be better or not …

I personally would not buy a laptop or computer that has an NVIDIA GeForce GPU. Look at sheer amount of questions asked in this here forum about trouble with NVIDIA its drivers.

An alternate opinion.
I use nvidia GPUs exclusively and almost never have an issue with them. I do not try to use the newest available GPUs so the bugs and issues are usually handled before I purchase one.

Most of the issues seem to be new users with either installing the drivers from somewhere other than rpmfusion or have never installed the nvidia drivers, or users wanting to use the “latest & greatest” with early adoption of the hardware.

There seem to be issues with the newest hardware with both intel and AMD GPUs as well.

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I’ll start off by saying I haven’t gotten a Linux or Framework laptop, especially not with tuxedo since it’s US shipping rates are very expensive (I live in US).

That said, I think a laptop that is built to run Linux on it will be better than a laptop that came installed with Windows. Tuxedo itself has a very good reputation from what I have seen so it probably should be fine.

If want another option at a slightly cheaper price point (depending on your config), Framework just released their new 16 laptop and I think its great. Although it does not come pre-installed, Fedora is supported on it. Plus it has an AMD GPU, which would probably work better than an NVIDIA one. I’m sure the NVIDIA GPU on the Tuxedo is fine, but I personally dislike NVIDIA due to its software quirks so I may be a bit biased. Note that this laptop won’t ship for a long time since it needs to be pre-ordered. The pre-built version comes with Windows, but the DIY version does not.

Ultimately it is up to you and I think both options will work great on Linux. Both companies support Linux on their devices so it should be a smooth experience.

That is because you are experienced enough to deal with the issue that come up.
See the amount of questions posted around nvidia gpu (those that are not tagged are not even included)

Difference is that they are open-source drivers that are shipped with Fedora Linux.

And for the issue of open source, it is known that there should be an nvidia supported open source driver available very soon for nvidia gpus. That was mentioned here and discussed here recently.

For some GPUs that has been available for a year now.