Dnfdragora-updater does not notify of updates

The dnfdragora-updater notification icon shows up in the systemtray typically just once per boot. Once it is closed it does not show up again.

It is possible that a transient popup notification shows up, but I’m not always there to observe it.

  • dnfdragora-updater is set to autostart
  • ps aux | grep dnf confirms dnfdragora-updater process is running
  • journalctl indicates dnf-makecache.service runs successfully every hour. Metadata cache is refreshed every 180 minutes.

I’m on Fedora 30 MATE now but this has been the case with Fedora 28 and 29 too.

Also, updating with sudo dnf update does not make the dnfdragora-updater icon disappear once there are no more updates to install.