DNF update package dependency management

If there is a situation in my system as shown below:

Package a (v 1.0) depends on package b (v 1.0) and package c (v 1.0)
and package c (v 1.0) depends on package d (v 1.0) and package e (v 1.0)

Graphically, it would look like this:

a (v1.0)
|__ b (v 1.0)
|__ c (v 1.0)
|__ d (v 1.0)
|__ e (v 1.0)

Lets suppose package x (v 1.0) depends on package e (v 1.0)

x (v 1.0)
|__ e (v 1.0)

Now, if I perform dnf downgrade package a (to v 0.9), then all the packages in a’s dependency tree have to be downgraded including package e.

If package e downgrades from v 1.0 to v 0.9, then what will happen with package x?
Will x too get downgraded to v 0.9? or will it be just ignored?

If it is ignored, then there is a problem because if at all x 0.9 strictly depends on package e 0.9, then x would not be working properly.

I tried searching for this scenario, but could not find any relevant resources.
Please help out here.