Difference between nvk and nova

What is the difference between NEW NVK deiver and NoVA driver for nvidia gpus what will be in fedora or rhel.
Primarily i was looking for nvk as it will improve the graphics of nvidia cards
Recently i find somewhere in internet about nova driver which is new rust written and developed by redhat where as nvk was developed by colabora.
Which is better what we can expect to get in fedora and what are the key difference between them.

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IIRC There are two parts to driver: The kernel part (that tells the kernel how to interact to the hardware) and the userspace part (that tells the driver how to render a specific graphics API).

Nova would be the former and is located in the kernel.
NVK would be the latter and is located on Mesa to tell the driver how to render Vulkan on the GPU.

The same way that the Nvidia driver has two parts:

The kernel part part: which you can opt for a open driver or closed driver.
And the userspace part: which has a implementation for OpenGL and one for Vulkan.

The plan is for nova to replace nouveau as the kernel driver for recent and future GPUs: Future of nouveau/nova's display driver, and rvkms introduction! — Nouveau Display Driver

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As I understand it, nvk would be a (mostly) open source replacement for nvidia and nova would be a fully open source replacement for nouveau. Both are coming, but neither are fully ready yet.

I dont know about NVK but

Old NVIDIA GPUs are not using GSP firmware and need reverse engineered drivers. This is where nouveau will still be used. But the code is big and crusty and also very different from…

Modern NVIDIA GPUs have the big proprietary blob in the firmware but thus allow to use open source drivers which NVIDIA even ships themselves. Nova is a project only targeting those new GPUs. The proprietary blob handles the “secret stuff” and the drivers are open source.

To be honest, trusting any of those drivers is foolish, as the GPU can basically monitor all your video output. If you care about privacy and dont trust US megacorps, stick with open source drivers.