/dev/sg0 missing in rawhide

I’m trying to use MakeMKV (the flatpak, the rpm from https://negativo17.org/, and I tried my own build) in Fedora Rawhide. I get the error: “The program can’t find any usable optical drives”.

This is apparently somewhat common, and the typical solution is to use the generic SCSI module via “modprobe sg” as per Arch linux - The program can't find any usable optical drives. - www.makemkv.com. This seems to be missing from the rawhide kernels.

When I try MakeMKV with Fedora Linux 38, it works as expected.

Any thoughts?


So, this seems to have been fixed. The last 2 kernels I tried have /dev/sg0 to /dev/sg7 present.

Current kernel: 6.5.0-0.rc4.20230804gitc1a515d3c027.33.fc39.x86_64