Deprecating support for amd64-v3

I am proposing that Fedora should deprecate support for amd64-v3 and prior. amd64-v2 and amd64-v1 are included in this, of course. Realistically, when will you encounter an amd64-v3 machine and want to install fedora on it? For tinkering, maybe, but certainly not as a daily driver. amd64-v3 is a dated architecture and many improvements have been made since. Modern CPUs have a lot of unused optimizations that are just being ignored to support CPUs from over 10 years ago. Some people might use these ancient machines, but fedora should look forward towards the future of computing and not dwell on the past. Users with amd64-v3 architecture are always free to distro-hop if the change is made, so there shouldn’t be any problem there.

Ive found it very hard through google to pin down what processors that includes.

I have 2 phenom 1100T’s that are perfectly servicable as daily drivers. I also have a nehalem I7 and an ivybridge i7.
again all perfectly serviceable performance and they are all from 2010-2012.
While i do agree with recommending that people try linux with new hardware to get the most out of it, I also dont agree with discarding perfectly serviceable kit, and telling people to just “go find another distro” is not helpful.
it also reflects an attitude that is borne out of microsoft and is sending many windows users to look at linux.
Instead i would suggest if fedora wants to create a distribution that is free from legacy architecture, that it creates a spin.
regards peter

But your statement totally relegates the vast quantity of users who cannot afford the latest and greatest hardware, as well as a large number of us who actually don’t feel good about throwing out perfectly working tech. Your position comes off as very elitist to me. Not inline with the four founding principals of Fedora at all.


I’m for that change as it will benefit me on my main WS, but my older devices and others I support would suffer from losing V1, V2, or V3 support, so the OP’s statement to deprecate v3 and lower support is, well frankly not welcome.

Old machines run fedora very well. By doing so perfectly fine machines will be left without the option to install fedora.

amd64-v4 (which is the only one you want to support) requires AVX-512. A lot of recent cpus do not have it. Eg : Ryzen processors below 6000 series and Intel 12th gen.

Low end cpus that work well for light tasks don’t have it either.