Delete all errors in error reporter

Hi everyone, how can I delete all error in gnome-abrt?
I get a lot of mce: [Hardware Error]


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You can remove them individually, or by selecting multiple ones but that’s not very useful here. I don’t think you can do more using the UI.

Try the command line, though:

$ abrt --help
usage: abrt [-h] [-a] [-v] COMMAND ...

positional arguments:
    debuginfo-install (di)
                        install debuginfo packages for given problem
    gdb                 run GDB for a problem
    info (i)            show problem information
    list (ls)           list problems
    report (e)          report problem
    status (st)         show the number of detected problems
    remove (rm)         remove problem
    backtrace (bt)      show backtrace of a problem
    retrace             generate stack trace from core dump

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -a, --authenticate    authenticate COMMAND for access to all problems (default: False)
  -v, --version         show program's version number and exit

So you should be able to do abrt rm * or something like that hopefully.

I don’t have any reports at the moment to test it out and give you the exact command, unfortunately.

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With that gui open there should be a clear button at the bottom of the left side column that lists the errors. For my system that wipes out all the entries with one click. (The ‘clear’ button is not there if there are no entries in that column.)

Hrm, I don’t see a clear button there—what version of abrt are you on?


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Thanks, I deleted all error using # abrt-cli rm -f /var/spool/abrt/*

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I don’t normally use the abrt command from the cli. I click on the calendar icon in the center of the top tool bar and it pops up the gui that has a black background and white text similar to what the OP posted. As you can see it has a clear button at the bottom.

I have abrt 2.14.6 installed on both my F34 and F35 systems

That’s not abrt, that’s just the notification panel. Clearing this only removes the notifications, but if you open abrt, the crashes will still be listed there.

Ah, awesome. That works too!