Dbus-send command in Silverblue?

Hello everyone!

So I am running the Silverblue 30 Beta on my T470 thinkpad, and am trying to use some Ansible playbooks I have to configure gnome the way I like (setting up keyboard shortcuts, changing the theme, and all that fun stuff). The theming stuff all works, but the key shortcuts stuff seems to be breaking because I rely on the dbus-send command, which isn’t found on the silverblue system (or just dbus for that matter).

Is there a Silverblue-specific reason that prevents this (I’m curious to understand what’s happening if so :slight_smile:) ? If not, does anyone know how I could get that functionality on my laptop?



That is because Silverblue is using dbus-broker by default, not dbus-daemon.

I suspect you can use gdbus as a replacement.

Thanks, I’ll try it out when I get back to that laptop after work :slight_smile:

To add a bit more to what was said: Fedora 30 has moved from dbus to dbus-broker, which removed several of these utility commands simply because there are other alternatives already. You can use gdbus or busctl to replace it.

Though when I check my Fedora Workstation installation I also see that dbus-broker is installed there. :thinking:

Anyway, what is even the difference between these two and why did Silverblue switch?

Basically, the classic dbus implementation (dbus-daemon) internally was a bit of a mess, and dbus-broker fixes several bugs that couldn’t be fixed in the original dbus-daemon. You can read more about it here.

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