Dark Mode broke after last update on Fedora 39


After latest updates (including libadwaita 1.4.0 rc) dark mode is not working anymore on my system, switching to dark mode doesn’t do anything and apps keeps the light mode, do you have any hints to triage this and help me to open a bug report to the relevant project?

I have also run into this. It seems to affect everything but the wallpaper, which changes to the dark mode wallpaper just fine, and GTK3 apps, which seem to follow the theme. Or maybe I messed up something, I don’t know.

I wasn’t using a dynamic wallpaper, I tried and I can confirm that wallpaper switch to dark correctly.

Usually people testing fedora join the test email list and report issues there.

You can join the list here Info | test@lists.fedoraproject.org - Fedora mailing-lists

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Same here. Apps from Flatpak also don’t respect your titlebar button settings, I think the xdg portal is broken

That’s an issue with the latest version of xdg-desktop-portal, should be fixed pretty soon.

Same here, dark mode is not working. It should be fixed very soon.

works again as of the latest update. nice!


Several apps are still completely bright in dark style, such as FileZilla, Gnote, Grsync, Rhythmbox, Sudoku. Some others have only dark title bars, such as Kigo, KolourPaint, Okular, qBittorrent, SciDAVis, TeXstudio.

Can’t reproduce this on my machine: