Black Bars around applications since F38

Hello everyone.
I recently noticed some apps have strange black bars around them.
Basically since F38 update.

For example around Gimp here.
Flatpaks and native packages seem to affected.
Is this caused by the latest Gnome version?

Please let me know how I may troubleshoot that.
For clarification I have Gnome Tweak so I assume that may screws things?
I tried the default settings it offers which did not change much.

Are you using dark style?
dark style

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Yes i am using the Dark Style.
Also switching it off requires a session reload?
Noticed it does not do a lot.

It came to my mind that meddling with the theme could be at fault too.
I did use GitHub - catppuccin/gtk: 🪟 Soothing pastel theme for GTK3

Well Well.
I suppose I have to find where that theme sits.
Switching Legacy works fine.

Ah I solved it myself I am an idiot.
I cleared my ~/.config/gtk-4.0/ directory and my /home/.themes

This reset the whole thing. Works now.
Uh yeah I am such a noob. Theme broke it.
There is a app called Gradience which comes with a preset selector.
Very awesome tool… no screwing up my themes folder x3