Daily cross platform usage and switching - what's your recommended workflow?

I’m asking for help on how to setup a workflow for daily driver tools across different laptops with one of them is SB/FCOS with toolbox/podman/flatpak on top.

Coming from live distros on USB sticks with persistence on a small partition for recent documents, media and notes. Bit of a mess, needs to be consolidated and synced to a backup and usable for offline sessions as well, ie. not depending on a nextcloud or gitlab sync f.ex. for each boot.

Now there’s a Chromebook on its way for work that I’ll also use for some Android apps. [1]

Chrome OS can launch a Linux chroot, as far as I understand that’ll enable any app pulled from a Linux repo and read/write to a mounted partition with a filesystem of choice so there are some options there but not for podman or flatpak as far as I know.

Main home usage on SB/FCOS laptop and external display should plug into the same basic apps and docs and switching between it and the Chromebook seamless without messing up file metadata and local configs on each boot.

If that makes sense can you suggest a method to streamline such a workflow?

USB stick as a platform bridge is what I’m used to but there are probably other and better ways to do it. If Chrome OS wasn’t involved I’d expect to be able to sort this with a single fat container or VM even. Curious to learn more from those of you already running a similar setup.

(to avoid switching phone and using the req. apps on a larger device (13-14", sort of leightweight, killer battery life) isn’t a bother for now.

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