Ctrl & F3 opens zsh as default shell | Terminal app in the other hand bash

I would like to achieve that the terminal app uses zsh as default shell also in a terminal app.

I changed it in terminal app. but the change was just available if I open a terminal over Ctrl & F3 for example.

echo $SHELL shows in terminal app /bin/bash and in native terminal /usr/bin/zsh

I used the arch wiki to configure the zsh and there was a link how to change the default shell:
chsh -s *full-path-to-shell* (I have /usr/bin/zsh or /bin/zsh in /etc/shells)

How can I fix that?

Have you logged out and back in? Running processes won’t see the change.

If you want your user to always use zsh in the terminal (or any other time they log in) you need to configure that.

First check what your user has as a default shell.
grep $USER /etc/passwd
If that ends with ‘/bin/bash’ then you only need to edit that (use ‘sudo vipw’ to edit and ensure the syntax remains correct) and change that line to end with ‘/bin/zsh’

After editing your users shell in /etc/passwd then log out and back in. Now your user should be using the zsh.

/usr/bin/zsh This corespondes that what I wrote above, login in without DE it works.

Now i can not login in Wayland anymore. It kicks me back to the last login from x11. On x11 it works.

Very strange.

Have you rebooted? It would appear that something about the system still believes you should be using bash even though the login has has been switched to zsh.

Do you have the files .zshrc and .zprofile in your home directory? If not they should exist in /etc/skel and could be copied over so they are available for your user.
You should also have the following files in /etc

$ ls /etc | grep z

I think there maybe should also be something related to zsh in /etc/profile.d but I don’t use zsh so cannot confirm that. The files there are defaulted to .sh and .csh files.

Thanks a lot @computersavvy after cleaning up the config files. And rebooting it worked again.
As I mentioned above, I was checking the wiki from arch. There it was saying that we do have to take the stuff from bash, we need in zsh over in to the config files.

I guess that I will create a new topic in discussion to find out the Fedora specific config for Wayland and x. The difference and where to declare paths I need in zsh (I want to put the config files in a subdirectory like ~/zsh) so I can manage them via Git.

If you use ZSH in your daily work, you might interesting to participate on the “Brainstorm” discussion: ZSH dotfiles how to manage | integration of variables/paths from bash | pitfalls

Ok, by undoing the big changes I made, now I can work in Wayland again.
The Path variable for my -/bin/ directory not working anymore, but at least i can log in in Wayland again.

I do use ksh because many of my colleagues use macOS, which now has ksh as the default shell (the rest use Ubuntu). Fedora uses the scripts from profile.d with zsh in ksh mode. In my view, scripts in profile.d should be written for dash, which is widely used for /bin/sh. I make sure my scripts (batch processing using Fortran science codes) work with dash. That seems to be OK with macOS, Debian, Ubuntu, and Fedora, but the scripts are straightforward.