CTRL+C remove the text from the "exporting" application: may it be my keyboard layout?

I have this bug with DB Browser for SQLite.

When I highlight the text of a SQL script with the mouse, press CTRL+C, and switch to another application, the text in the original application (the text highlighted in “DB Browser for SQLite”) is gone. It gets removed.

I made a video that shows the bug here. In the video I press CTRL+C at around 0:05. Then at 0:06 I switch windows using ALT+TAB. At 0:07, the text is gone.

I have opened an issue in their bug tracker and they are saying it may be due to some weird layout of my keyboard.

In particular they suggest:

My recommendation is to ping the fedora forms/documents for the following:

  • using a single locale, language setting (e.g. en_US, fr_FR, de_DE et al)
  • ensure you have the proper keyboard layout for your model of keyboard

How can I check that to make sure my keyboard works?