Create ISO/OVA image with coreos-assembler based on custom OSTree


I try to create an ISO and OVA image with coreos-assembler based on a custom OSTree.
Is this somehow possible?

I would see this as useful for:

  • Customization of the FCOS OSTree (e.g. checkout; add; commit)
  • Customization not based on FCOS
  • Clear separation of concern

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Although you could take an existing ostree commit and add changes and repackage it into an ISO that’s not the easiest way to go for creating custom Fedora CoreOS images (but it is how changes can be applied via rpm-ostree overlays on a deployed system). You should probably start with the CoreOS assembler README and tweak the existing Fedora CoreOS config.

Building an image not based on Fedora will be more work, especially if you’re choosing a non RPM distro.

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You can build ISO & OVA images via the CoreOS assembler with the buildextend-live & buildextend-vmware commands once you have a first working build.