CPE take over Fedora Social Hour - Dec 2nd, 2021

Hey folks,
Community Platform Engineering team from Red Hat will join us on Dec 2nd Fedora Social Hour call. This call would be slightly different from usual ones – as this time you won’t be breaking any rules when you talk $work (like always). We will have @amoloney , @mobrien and a few others from CPE (including me) joining the call. If you have any Infra or CPE questions, we would love to talk and answer (what we do, why we do and what we are going to do are just a few examples). When we are out of questions, expect it to look like a general social hour.
Let us know if you have any suggestions, questions or information to share in advance in this thread.
Looking forward to seeing a lot of you :slight_smile:


Awesome! Looking forward to it.

Note that the “early time” slot (which Dec 2 will be) is up for debate after the daylight-time switch, and the poll for preference is currently tied. So, if you haven’t voted and have a preference, please vote at Join us for Fedora Social Hour every week! - #32