Corrupt imagery when uploading/pasting

I’ve noticed this across a few linux distro’s, sometimes when I try to upload an image to a forum, or chat (whatsapp) the image is corrupted.

This happens with “copy and paste” method and saving a image to my computer and then accessing it via the forum/chat for upload.
(Saving it to the computer works fine, the image displays correctly but it’s just when it “uploads” that it gets corrupted).

Right now im on Fedora 38 workstation, wayland. The following are .png and .jpg examples:

Screenshot from 2023-10-12 16-04-09
Screenshot from 2023-10-12 16-04-24
Screenshot from 2023-10-12 16-04-39
Screenshot from 2023-10-12 16-09-23

Why does this happen ?

When I add an image I simply select either the ‘image gallery’ or the ‘upload’ icon on the toolbar and select the file to include. More often than not it is a screenshot which can be uploaded even easier when you do the screenshot then with the cursor at the place you wish the image included simply select paste from the mouse menu or use (ctrl-V) to paste the image into the thread.
This is what I see on your post and what a screenshot pasted in looks like. For that I did the screenshot then used ctrl-V to paste it in.

I am using workstation with X11 but that should not be a difference.

It is hard to tell why it happens since we cannot see exactly the steps you used to get and paste those images. There is a size limit, but I don’t know what that is, nor the size of the images you intended to post.

This is another image that I used the file manager to select from my photos folder and pasted here. I used ctrl-C to copy it and ctrl-V to paste it.

These are the steps I take when i encounter the problem:

Copy & Paste from browser (LibreWolf) to chat (WhatsApp Web)

  • Right click and select “Copy Image” on image (a .jpg of 125x171 for example) located via search engine results

  • Right click on the chatbox area in WhatsApp Web and select “Paste”

  • The result is the image corruption I have posted above

Using the “Upload” / “Image Gallery/Prompt” method:
Uploading an image via the “gallery” (where a prompt pops up and asks you to locate the file to upload) does not produce a corrupt image.

Nor does it happen here in this thread/forum when using the “Upload” option (as seen by the outcome below):

It only seems to happen when simply copying and pasting directly into WhatsApp Web via LibreWolf…
I unfortunately (or fortunately) cant seem to reproduce the result when posting in a forum at the moment.

Ok so it seems this is an issue with this specific browser (I tried it another and there was no issue)

Sorry !

I will reach out to this browser’s community instead.

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Greetings. I have the same problem with differenta applications. More specifically using octave or R studio and copy e.g. a plot or a graph to paste it in viber or whats up i get a corrupted image