Site Feedback and suggestion: dont paste text as images

Hi there,
I noticed that sometimes new users paste screenshots of terminal output. I am wondering if, after the merge, we will have a #start-here topic in the new Ask category on Discussion, and if we should post a note to users not to paste text as screenshot images.
A similar post that I often link to is: PSA: Please don't post images of text - Unix & Linux Meta Stack Exchange

We could use that as a template to write our own…


Somehow I am unable to post in “Site Feedback” (missing permissions)

Can @moderators please move the topic. Thanks.

I also think we should do this. It is a great suggestion.

I agree completely.
It does involve the difficulty of getting new users to read the #start here topic, but that is another subject all together.
It would give us a link to use for guiding suggestions.

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