CoreOS missing man pages?


It looks like we are missing man pages for packages that are in the base image. So I cannot for example run commands like man curl, man sudo, man zstd which are very useful. Is there a way to get all man pages installed? Thanks

You should be able to layer in man-pages, man-db, and man-pages-posix.


I have already layered in man-pages and man-db. The curl package in the fedora repos does include the manual. Howver, as curl is already part of the base image, /usr/share/man/man1/curl.1.gz is missing on CoreOS installations.

A simple solution would be to read the man pages in a toolbox container.

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Man pages are explicitly removed from Fedora CoreOS to save space in the image. As Hristo said, you can read them from a toolbox container.