Conky - wireless support

I’ve just noticed (in FC36) that none of the ‘wireless_*’ variables are recognized in conky.

Is it now compiled with BUILD_WLAN flag off?

If so, please could we have that flag on and a new build?


The spec seems to indicate that wlan support is enabled from Fedora 36+:

If it isn’t working for you, please file a bug so the maintainers can look into it:

Thanks @ankursinha .

It has already been noted:

So just need to wait for the fix now.

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The problem still persists in F37. Is there a brave soul out there that knows how to compile from source?

Update I do want to point out that conky has been buggy ever since they released version 1.12.x
So even if fedora fixes the package bug mentioned by OP, you still get a buggy version of the program.

I recommend downgrading to version 1.15.5_pre. This version does not have the wifi problem above and does not have new bugs introduced in later versions.
You can get the rpm from this site. Even though its an old rpm for F32 it:

Finally if you are into conky check out my configs at github :smiley: