Conflicting output from Gnome Software Center

When I started my computer, I have encountered with an error from gnome software center, claiming that I needed an update, so I have updated my computer via gnome.

Then I type this command sudo dnf distro-sync. And there popped up some distros that needed to be downgraded. So I have downgraded them and rebooted my computer. However, after rebooting the gnome-software center raised the same error again. So, this time I typed sudo dnf distro-sync(again) and very surprisingly, now the code says I need to upgrade the same packages that I have downgraded before …?

Is there something wrong about the sudo dnf distro-sync and gnome-software center. Why am I getting conflicting results ?

this may happens like maybe distro sync will sync your system to the latest distro package list that fedora think and after you make distro sync fedora changed new list with updated packages distro-fedora so now distro-sync wants to update to the new base.

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But this happened like between 10 min. Also I have typed sudo dnf upgrade so my system is fully upgraded.

The cached package list could easily expire in those 10 minutes, especially if you didn’t use --refresh.


That seems the case I guess…using --refresh helped.