[Confirmed Bug] Bluetooth is causing massive Wi-Fi Slow Down Speeds

Greetings Fedora Community,

tl;dr - With Wifi on + Bluetooth on, internet speed averages 3.0Mbps. With Wifi on + Bluetooth off, internet speed averages 20mbps. No other apps or programs running otherwise during testing.

The full(er) story - I’ve been having slower than normal internet for the last 2-3 weeks, but honestly Just thought it was my router, so I would reset it every couple of days. Currently, with my bluetooth speaker, which is always ON, I ran a speed test and got 3.3MBps (slower than molasses I know) with bluetooth on. Just saw this post randomly. Decided to turn off my bluetooth and speed test again. 20mbps. So, turned bluetooth on again, and back to 3.3Mbps. It was not always slow like this. I’ve done speed tests multiple times earlier this year with bluetooth ON and getting 20Mbps.

Also, please let me know any commands or specific logs you’d like to see and I’d be happy to help and provide them.

Not sure exactly which package is responsible for it, but this is a huge issue for me. Kernel? Bluetooth? Pipewire? My suspicions lead me towards the kernel first, but I am out of my depth beyond that and would appreciate any help into the matter.

Also, does anyone know if any bug/issue trackers are currently open for this exact issue anywhere by any chance?

It’s not much (yet) but I did come across this Reddit thread where a few similar users reported the problem too and once I tested it myself, I realized I was affected as well. This needs to be a high priority, if possible.


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Please file a bug on this issue. It seems to be related directly to bluetooth and to the wifi/bluetooth adapter & driver. Most systems, especially laptops, use the same card for both wifi and bluetooth so it seems that the time spent supporting bluetooth overloads the chipset & radios and slows down wifi.

If you could identify the kernel version (or at least the updates) where the problem first appeared it would help the developers to pinpoint the changes that are related.

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Would you know which would be the best place? pipewire gitlab? gnome-bluetooth gitlab? bluez? Kernel wise all I can tell at the moment is it is from the 6.4.x series, though I really can’t guarantee when this all started exactly.

Time frame wise it was about the last 2 weeks or so, so any kernels in that time frame window could be looked. This would put 6.4.9 and 6.4.8 and even 6.4.7 (did Fedora even use that one?), otherwise might even have to consider 6.4.6, but I don’t think it would go beyond that deep of a dive.

bugzilla.redhat.com is what I would suggest, and definitely mention kernel, wifi, & bluetooth. They also would need info about the hardware involved, so lspci -nnk or lsusb (depending upon the actual device used) as well as inxi -Fzxxx may be useful.

The developers at bugzilla would forward the report upstream if warranted and they would be best able to tell exactly where it should be handled.

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I’ll have to check but I believe I have an account there. Mostly just used GitHub and GitLab. But I appreciate your follow up and will use all that to create a bug report over there, so I do thank you for that. Were you also on a laptop as well to confirm this issue on your own hardware or are you plugged in Ethernet and don’t use bluetooth?

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You can use your existing Fedora credentials to login to Fedora’s Bugzilla, just as you log into discussion.fedora.

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