Comprehensive New User Guides for Fedora 35?


Are there any good ones available?

I’m generally well-educated but new to Fedora and new-ish to Linux and would love a comprehensive, logically ordered, section and page numbered (i.e., reference-able) Fedora 35 User Guide in PDF format (so that I can save it, print it, annotate it, print it again, take stable excerpts from it, etc.) – one with lots of useful printable “cheat sheets” for common commands, processes, etc. – one that defines ALL terms and abbreviations the first time they are used – one that summarizes the pertinent architectural features of Fedora for new and as yet un-aware users jumping ship (most recently) from MS Windows/MS Office – one that I can use as a defacto text book for non-trivial computer use? (I don’t want to just surf the internet and watch videos and write emails; I want to do advanced large document production, automate some home INTRAnet website library production processes, translate some old Fortran data analysis programs into C++, eventually customize some common end user applications so they do what I need them to do, etc. There is some useful information I’ve found here on the site, but it is all too often chopped up, jargonized, and put in a non-logical order. And what I have seen has no attached “real world case study style exercises/proceedures”. In case it’s not obvious, 80 or 90% correct/functional unfortunately doesn’t actually help much if you are new and perfectly capable of making entirely incorrect assumptions simply because you are thoroughly unfamiliar with this particular operating system and desktop suite. I’ve done Google searches for solutions to basic problems (for instance, how to install the C++ compiler) and gotten radically incorrect answers/proceedures. I would like to be able to avoid that in the future.

Alternatively are there 3 or 4 really good Fedora system administrators that write blogs for intermediate level users that want to be careful and actually understand what what they are doing before they do it?

Thanks, Robert

I have a 2021 Lenova X1 Carbon with Factory-Pre-Installed Fedora 33/GNOME 3.38.4, now upgraded to Fedora 35/GNOME 41.3. (Because Fedora was factory installed, I don’t have a root user account – or it is hidden, or…, and I may not have all of the normal GNOME applications installed/downloaded/… I am therefore interested in general case proceedures where one determines what one does or does not have installed before one decides what needs to be done.)

You are asking for something that has never been available for ANY linux distro from the very beginning. The closest I can suggest is this.

As far as the root account, it is by default locked with fedora. You should have access to sudo and with that the command sudo passwd root should allow you to assign a password to the root account and thus unlock it. It is mostly suggested that you do all your admin using sudo however.

Most of the apps installed should show up in the users application menu, but many admin tools are not shown there since they do not have gui interfaces.

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“How to install the C++ compiler on Fedora” gives the correct answers on the first page. When searching how to do something on Linux, it is important to specify which distribution you use. Linux distros differ especially on package names and directory structures. Don’t make assumptions about something you read on some website will work across all Linux distros. It can be outdated or just plain wrong, there are a lot of bad information and poorly written guides and posts on the internet. And don’t worry about not knowing ALL and EVERYTHING related to Fedora and Linux, just learn as you go. For blogs, Fedora Magazine is a good place to start, it is mostly written by Fedora users and contributors.