Complete freeze on USB connection

am i the only one affected? when i plug in my iphone it’s recognized alright and nothing freezes (and it’s charging!), but when i connect my bt headphones (i don’t have a separate charger) (i have two pairs of bt headphones and both behave the same) everything freezes and the only way to unfreeze is hard reboot

i’m using fedora asahi remix, with all the latest packages and kernel ( 6.5.4-403.asahi.fc38.aarch64+16k) on m1 air (2020, 16, 512)

(this is a repost from reddit from 3 months ago (this is still a problem). that post was auto-deleted for some reason)

i must have misremembered something, because i just tried plugging in my lightning cable (not even connecting the phone) and it froze