Command Line setting VPN with NetWorkManager using nmcli when Server Certificate is untrusted

On Fedora Workstation Live I am launching a NetWorkManager VPN with nmcli connection up
included in a script

In another thread was a reference to NetworkManager Reference Manual.
But I found nothing related to forcing untrusted certificates

I need this strp in the script to work without user interaction

Meanwhile if I select “I really know what I am doing” and then “Connect” anyway it’s to late with an error “Connection unsuccessful - Time Out”

Any hints ?

You can manually create a working connection and check its settings:

nmcli connection show
PAGER= nmcli connection show CONNECTION

Then compare the output with the one created by your script.
Deploy the certificate file together with your script or include it as PEM.

Some VPN types also support the export/import feature:

nmcli connection export VPN_CONNECTION FILE
nmcli connection import type VPN_TYPE file FILE

If the issue persists, try adding this certificate to the trusted storage:
Using Shared System Certificates :: Fedora Docs