ClamAV freshclam problem

So i tried to install ClamAV. Everything worked fine with the scanning of files etc, but do update the database (which is done through sudo freshclam") I got error. It says command not found.
Can anyone help?<3

sudo dnf provides \*/freshclam
sudo dnf install clamav-update

thanku so much! Helped alot!!!<3

btw, where did you find this information, i could not find anything

dnf: DNF Command Reference | dnf System Administration | Man Pages | ManKier

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I often use: dnf install /usr/bin/freshclam to install a command I’m expecting to exist.

The other command I use a lot is dnf search clamav to find all the packages with that in there name or description.

Are viruses even a thing on Linux? I don’t run virus protection on macOS, and I’ve never considered it for Linux.


most people say that its not needed, but i still like to check…

macOS has anti-virus built in by Apple which is giving you protection.

I used to use clamav to scan mail to make sure that it did not contain Windows viruses.
But since I never read email on windows that not even worth doing now.

Just because Linux doesn’t historically struggle as much with viruses as certain other operating systems doesn’t mean it can’t be used to serve Malware that targets Windows and Mac clients. Generally, SELinux offers fairly robust protection for Linux out of box, but having an anti-virus that can detect Windows/Mac malware on your file/web/mail servers can be a useful utility in some cases.