Cinnamon Missing Panel

HI there,

My panel (taskbar ) seems to be missing

Is there anyway (or shortcut keyboard input) to get to the settings to add it back?

Reference > Linux Mint - Community Reset Cinnamon/Mate Panel :

*** Be aware that this command will reset your panel to default values ! ***

1) Open up your terminal (ctrl+alt+t)

2) Run the following command in the terminal:

gsettings reset-recursively org.cinnamon (THIS IS FOR CINNAMON)

gsettings reset-recursively org.mate.panel (THIS IS FOR MATE)

3) Hit Enter

4) Taraa!!! you should have your panel back to their default again.


  • you may login out and login in again to get them work again, in some cases you need to reboot your system.

  • tested and worked on my MATE Dekstop Environment.


wow thats terrific thanks a bunch @ilikelinux

everything works again, how do we learn these commands? is this bash terminal
skills ?

Not really, in duck to go I searched for “Cinnamon Missing Panel”. As i use Mate Desktop, reset sounds familiar to me :wink:


This seem to reset all the panel settings to defaults, while I was expecting “restart” :slight_smile: glad i did it on a test system

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Restore ~/.cinnamon and ~/.config/dconf/user from a backup to recover from reset-recursively

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Did you find out the command to restart the panel then? Then I will add it on the top of the reset command and write a waring.

no, i don’t know how to “restart” panel
i have never run into issues when the panel is missing completely. in my case panel taskbar often has “ghost” windows (that were closed) and triggering any preference change for “group panel list” fixes the ghost windows.

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