Chrome can not display web page after upgraded to Fedora 38 from Fedora 37

After did Fedora37 upgrade on my laptop, the Chrome cannot show pages anymore. :sweat_smile:
$ rpm -q google-chrome-stable

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# Option #1
sudo dnf downgrade mesa\*
sudo dnf install python3-dnf-plugin-versionlock
sudo dnf versionlock add mesa\*

# Option #2
desktop-file-install \
--dir=${HOME}/.local/share/applications \
--set-key=Exec --set-value="google-chrome --use-gl=egl %U" \

chrome works normally after downgraded mesa. Thanks
I did not add it to version lock because I might miss the latest updates. :slight_smile:

This seems to be: 2193335 – mesa-23.0.3-4.fc39 broke google-chrome-stable (on Intel Arc?)
Removing GPUCache from your profile directory should be all that is needed.

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