Changes in Fedora Silverblue 29

okay! I’ll keep this in mind

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So, as far as I can see, things that look like part of the operating system - whether Clocks or Nautilus - need to stay in the Silverblue image.

i have a hard time seeing Clocks or Weather as ‘part of the OS’.

The Maps breakage is probably due to the network monitor issues that are hopefully finally fixed, in this weeks portal and glib releases.

And yelp is inside the gnome runtime, so Help works fine in flatpaked gnome apps (just tried here with Boxes - works).

As described in the original post, Clocks and Polari integrate with gnome-shell, which flatpak-ed apps don’t do. (Though that can probably be fixed). And while Help works fine in flatpaked apps, it doesn’t work with host apps, and also doesn’t pop up after initial setup. (Which maybe could also work with flatpaked yelp)

They do, but the absence of that integration is not breaking either the shell or the app. The integration
breaks because the shell relies on seeing the apps’ settings schemas, which are not exported by Flatpak.

Arguably, settings that are shared between the shell and apps like this are not app-specific in the first place, and should be in a desktop-wide shared schema. In the past, these things could just be muddled through.
The proper isolation of Flatpak exposes this for what it is: a hack

This is worth filing a bug about. We should fix up the first-login experience, one way or another.

I just submitted gnome-font-viewer on flathub. It was easy! Maybe somebody else wants to get their hands dirty with some of the other candidates ?

Oh, I see.

Hmm, where to? Silverblue, Fedora, GNOME?

It is a Silverblue issue, so Issues - teamsilverblue - would be good.

Done: Issue #31: Help doesn't show up after initial setup in F29 Silverblue - teamsilverblue -

Slightly off topic - should we file all Silverblue issues on Pagure or on the Red Hat Bugzilla? I’ve got a WiFi issue that exists already in Bugzilla for Fedora 28 Workstation on my Silverblue 28 install too. I have no plans to bring up regular Fedora 28 and troubleshoot it but I would do that on Silverblue.

If the issue is specifc to Sivlerblue only, I’d file it on the Pagure tracker. If the issue affects traditional Workstation and Silverblue, I’d use Bugzilla.

OK … in this case it affects both - and it’s already in Bugzilla for Fedora 28 ( So I’ll post there.

Someone on IRC has reported that their system wouldn’t boot after a rebase to 29 because lvm2 was removed from the system image. Was this intentional or an accident?

lvm2 was removed from the system image

Wasn’t intentional, see Commit - workstation-ostree-config - 75314ee3d7d2655cc441addbe1f862a4aaaf0434 -
Should be fixed tomorrow.

That was me. :upside_down_face:

@mclasen Would it be possible to have ansible added to the base image please for Fedora SB29?

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The shell extensions of /usr/share/gnome-shell/extensions/ cause some trouble because of being RO in SB. Can these be blacklisted by for example [0]? There already is gnome-shell-extension-background-logo mentioned. (Although this is present on my F29SB system…?)

[0] Tree - workstation-ostree-config -

This is unrelated, and you can disable any extension regardless of where it’s installed anyway.