Change theming / colours of 'legacy' windows

Hi there,

I’m a newbie so please bear with me. I am using Silverblue for some time now, lovin’ it.

I remember that either in Manjaro or Ubuntu/Budgie/Mint there was a tool to change the default look of ‘legacy’ windows i.e. make them dark, coloured etc. Don’t remembere the name of the tool, though. And I can’t figure out how to do that in Silverblue.

I tried installing new themes and choosing them through Gnome Tweaks, but this doesn’t change the look of everything, especially the windows I’m trying to modify the colours on. An example: Reaper’s menus and FX windows – they are populated with that dead gray colour that torments my eyes.

On the pic you can see what I’m talking about:

What’s the way to modify the styling of these windows? I don’t even know where to start.

Additionally, you can see that the menus are so freakin’ tiny, I have hard time finding them on a 1080p screen. They don’t change when I chance system-wide scaling or fonts, and neither they change when I modify Reaper’s scaling. How can I scale them as well?


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It is somewhat application dependent to know how to do it.

It has been a while since I used it but I think reaper uses it’s own color themes. I don’t think it honors any system themes. You should just be able to switch to a darker reaper theme, in theory.

Hi dalto, thanks for your reply.

The thing is, themes don’t affect these parts. But I’ve seen them being affected on Mac or other Linuxes, especially when dark mode is on. It’s why I think they have to be edited system-wide.

Hmm…looking at the dependencies it doesn’t seem to use either gtk or qt so I am not sure where it would be getting it’s dark mode information on from Linux.

Unless someone else pops in with the knowledge it might make sense to ask on the reaper forums what they use to determine “dark mode” on Linux.

If we know what drives it, we can probably tell you how to achieve it on Fedora.

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