Can't use more than one wireguard configurations


I’ve been using wireguard as a client to a VPN provider with wg-quick to start and stop the tunnel and it works great for a single config, which lives in /etc/wireguard.

There has been some unexpected happenings, though. The first is that on boot the tunnel is automatically activated, which I appreciate but can’t decide which tunnel gets chosen.

The reason for writing this and asking for help is that if I stop that connection with wg-quick down and try to use a different tunnel config, it brings up both the tunnel I chose + the default tunnel. So I end up with no connection. I have tried removing my default config from the /etc/wireguard, rebooting and nothing changed. It still started that tunnel on boot, stopping it and starting a new tunnel brought up both together. If I put the unwanted tunnel down, it unmounts /etc/resolv.conf` and that breaks the connection.

Any ideas or reasons why is this happening? Are there any docs for how wireguard works in Fedora-32?

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WireGuard in NetworkManager

Thank you. I’m not very familiar with the NetworkManager and nmcli. From the guide I learned that the connections were actually being imported by the NetworkManager and are stored in /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections. It’s possible to edit those files directly but the nmcli is very easy to use, specially with autocomplete.

It was so that the NetworkManager had created two different connections with the same name and that was causing weird issues. Now I can control better what I want to achieve, thanks.

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The new connection name matches the file name, so using different file names helps to avoid confusion, although there is nothing to stop you from renaming the connection later.

Also, be sure to reload the configuration if you manually edit the connection profile:

sudo -e /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/*
sudo nmcli connection reload

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