Can't setup GNOME 42 to open windows on active screen

Back when I used KDE Plasma, I had a KWin script installed that allowed me to always open a new window on my dual monitor setup on the active screen (being the active screen the one where my mouse cursor would be at the moment), however, I can’t find anywhere how to change this behavior in GNOME 42. Any tips on how to do it? Thanks in advance!

In Gnome, so-called “extensions” are responsible for individualizing your desktop.
These can be installed from here:

Please note that Gnome is based on Wayland and not all extensions have to work on an X server session.

On the fast search I have this extension:

Search term was “Window”

Maybe there is another user who has the same problem and can recommend an extension.

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That’s how mine appears to work on wayland.

Checked with gnome terminal and firefox. Starting the application and opening a new window.

This is a brand new installation.

Do you have some extensions active?


Thank you so much! I knew what extensions were but never occurred to me that one could solve this issue.