Can't login to KDE Wayland (applying Kscreen config failed!)

Every time I reboot my computer, I can’t login to KDE for 10+ minutes. Usually, it’s just a black screen for 2-3 minutes, but this time, I couldn’t login at all. I can’t show you the full logs as I can’t get to a desktop on this machine currently, but journalctl -r spams:

kwin_core: Applying Kscreen config failed!

I also see:

kwin_wayland_drm: Failed to create gamma blob! Invalid argument

I have a NVIDIA RTX 2060S card and I’m trying to log in to KDE Wayland. I just updated via Discover before rebooting. Any ideas?

Edit: I just got back in again.

I apologize for opening this topic. I’m not available to troubleshoot this issue, but anyone else with this issue is welcome to use this thread. Maybe it would be best just to delete this thread?