Can't do anything. Read Only filesystem

It just so happened that after my last reboot nothing is possible. Gdm fails to start. Investigating further using a tty, I found out that the fs is mounted as read only and editing any file gives the same error: Read-Only filesystem.
I tried rebooting didn’t fix it.
The only thing I remember which might have caused it is that I added the following in my fstab file to improve btrfs performance:
After adding this I did dnf update however I lost connection and didn’t finish it…

If someone can guide me as to how I can go about fixing this. I will be very thankful :wink:

You might booting with the live usb then go into your system and remove what you changed.Once your booted into fedora live you can logout then type root as the user to log back in and you can go into the installed system.


Thanks! That fixed it. Liveboot and then mounted the drive and edited the fstab

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