Can't create VirtManager VM with Virtio, OpenGL and 3D-Accelleration

I tried setting up a VM with the issues stated in the title. I use an NVIDIA GPU with the proprietary drivers (GeForce 3070 Ti). The issue is that I get an error, that the EGL-initialization failed. The drivers are up-to-date, and I have tried to find solutions, but haven’t found anything that’s really useful.

You likely need to do a pass thru of the GPU to the VM, and install the proprietary drivers inside the VM.

This would likely mean the host could not access that GPU.

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Yeah. That would not really work. I only have one GPU and I want to keep it connected to the host. But why doesn’t OpenGL work?

You are using a virtual gpu inside the VM, not the physical one. Software is not the same, nor is the virtual hardware.

I still want to get OpenGL with Virtio working. The guest should be an Android gaming system. (PrimeOS)